My Blog

When I started to learn programming, I realized that I had to search many places to find some solutions to particular problem, that time out of my own frustration I decided to write down everything so that I can refer them later, this process is still ongoing and this wordpress site is what I first came up with.

Singapore Rental Analytics

These analytics came into my mind while I was searching for a rental place in Singapore myself. I am still working on them and they are in continous improvement stage. (and ofcourse I am planning to write blogs for all the challenges I face here)

FIX(Financial Information Exchange) protocol parser

This parser came into life when I was working on FIX engine implementation and I did not find any good parser which I can use. I ended up writing my own parser in Erlang and Python. (Github links there)

Algorithms in Python

I like python as a general purpose language and my first choice to write down any solution is mostly in python, So I have decided why not to make a place dedicated to all the python code to all the algorithmic problem I solved. And here we are !!

Prolog, Lisp and everything Cool

I am quite enthusiastic (something overly enthusiastic) to learn new things, In recent years I have made some progress to learn, Haskell, Lisp, Prolog, Erlang, Go, Crossfilter and many many more things, This space is dedicated to all the cool things I wish I know and I know :)

My Resume

Just my basic web resume.I will fix it someday :D
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